Podesta Power and Center for American Progress: The dark, driving force behind the president’s massive green energy scheme

March 3, 2014 2014 began with a bang: “Obama’s Second Term Is All About Climate Change.” New York Magazine, in their reporting, claimed that the evidence of this has to do with President Obama’s appointment of John Kerry (“longtime climate obsessive”) as Secretary of State, as well as other key green appointees. Kerry, by the … Read more

General Electric Making “Bank” off Obama’s “Green” Stimulus Money; Over $3 Billion and Counting

July 12, 2012 Part two of DOE “Junk” Loans and Cronyism, exposing how General Electric –– CEO Jeffrey Immelt, Chair of Obama’s Job Council –– has raked in over $3 billion, and counting, from the Obama “green” stimulus. As I was preparing to expose one of the big fish in this green energy scheme –– … Read more

Obama’s Political Payback: Green Corruption –– Part Two

CAP-AND-TRADE: THE REAL POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE CLIMATE RAINBOW Let me be clear, this is not a debate on whether or not the globe is warming or is going to blow up if we keep breathing. And to be clearer, protecting our environment, energy independence, and doing more to “green” our … Read more