Inside Job: Export-Import Bank financing themselves, their friends and Obama-Clinton wealthy ‘green’ cronies

June 22, 2015 In eight days the Export-Import Bank of the United States will close its doors.  Referred to as the Ex-Im Bank, it was initially created as part of the New Deal in 1934 at the hands of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in order “to assist in financing the export of American-made goods and … Read more

General Electric Making “Bank” off Obama’s “Green” Stimulus Money; Over $3 Billion and Counting

July 12, 2012 Part two of DOE “Junk” Loans and Cronyism, exposing how General Electric –– CEO Jeffrey Immelt, Chair of Obama’s Job Council –– has raked in over $3 billion, and counting, from the Obama “green” stimulus. As I was preparing to expose one of the big fish in this green energy scheme –– … Read more